Posset Singers was formed in 2016.  A number of us had been in another choir that Doug had conducted, which had changed to a women's only choir.  The men and quite a number of the women wanting to continue to sing in four part harmony arranged a meeting to discuss setting up a new choir.  We had all enjoyed Doug’s conducting and so we contacted him and invited him to the meeting.  He agreed to become our conductor, providing we could establish a community run choir.  


At the meeting, we all agreed that whilst we wanted to establish a choir mainly because we all enjoyed singing, we would also like the choir to be sociable and fun, to that end we decided that regular social events should be a feature of the choir.  Finally we decided on a name and after discussing alternatives decided to call ourselves “Posset Singers”.  Twenty-eight people turned up to our first rehearsal, which was enough to get us started and since then Posset Singers has grown steadily and has now become an established community choir, who also raise money for local good causes.

Charitable Donations

Penny Brohn

2018 Summer Concert - £453.05

2018 Christmas Concert - £347.06

Portishead Christmas Lights

2019 Summer Concert - £508.16

2019 Christmas Concert - £904.81

2020 Christmas Video (In lieu of concert due to COVID) - £530 

2021 Christmas Concert - £613.09

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